Yoga, Bodywork, Reiki

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Yoga Community Classes – Classes reflect a style based in Hatha and Ashtanga foundations. All classes are set at 60 minutes and include a mix of vinyasa flow, pranayama breath work, balance, deep tissue stretching, and introductions to advanced yoga asanas such as inversions (head stands, hand stands, shoulder stands), arm balances, back bends, binds, as well as attention to the body’s energy systems. Specific flow and poses are adapted to the participants and alternative modifications are given throughout the class to ensure everyone can expand at their own level. Classes sizes are held in locations and settings that encourage a diversity of participants. Class costs vary slightly but are generally $5-10. See schedule

Yoga Private Sessions – 60-90 minutes – designed with YOU. Flows, sequences, and deeper stretching to help you grow in your physical practice. Emphasis on alignment, modifications, and ‘baby steps’ for mastering more difficult postures/asanas. $35-70 a session sliding scale based on income and travel distance. Out call sessions only. Schedule a session

Reiki – 60 minutes –  gentle energy work, relaxation and breath work session. Reiki is a form of energy medicine focused on balancing and aligning the body’s energy flow. For those new to Reiki, I describe the feeling as ‘assisted meditation’ and the ‘what’ as bringing attention and balance to spaces between our physical anatomical parts.  Out-call sessions only. These sessions take place on a massage table, wearing normal street clothes, and involve minimal to no physical touch. It is a safe, non invasive way to support other medical, healing, and self-work goals and therapies. I have found this work to be particularly helpful for individuals hypersensitive to touch, those with injuries that cannot be worked on physically, and those who have PTSD or experienced significant trauma. $35-70 a session sliding scale based on income and travel distance.  Schedule a session

Bodywork sessions – 75-90 minutes -Body work is a broad term used to summarize a variety of modalities that focus on physical, mental, and energetic health. Sessions incorporate yoga, breath work, Thai Massage/Yoga (a form of assisted massage and stretching), and Reiki energy work. These sessions are designed to assist you but also give you tools and resources to independently care for your physical, mental and emotional health into the future. These sessions are co-created- YOU actively participate in the session. Sessions can focus on healing from injuries or trauma, personal work and development, and/or improving your physical health as related to exercise, nutrition, strength and flexibility. An average session will include 20-30 minutes of stretching and yoga, self massage work (pressure points and tennis balls), 20-30 minutes of Thai Massage work, and 20-30 minutes of Reiki and breath work. A short amount of time will be set aside after for questions, journaling, reflection, and session follow-up planning. This work is best done in a series to prepare you to continue the work beyond sessions with me- 3-4 sessions are recommended. Sessions take place on a yoga mat and floor pad, wearing comfortable work out clothes. Out call sessions only. $35-70 a session -sliding scale based on income and travel distance. Schedule a session