More than ‘Making Shapes’

yoga classThis is not my knowledge to own.

How do we make a $20 yoga class – that caters to a specific body type and demographic- more comfortable and accessible to everyone that could benefit from this practice?

This is how I put effort towards that:

Yoga for teens at live-in behavioral health center:
Classes are held weekly for teens at a drug/alcohol rehabilitation center. These youth come from across Washington State and represent a population ‘at risk’ for becoming statistics based on their socioeconomic circumstances. These classes are held free of charge and this work often evolves off the mat into art, literacy, and other education support volunteer work. Materials and overhead are off-set through other classes and sessions through Plank Industries. Classes are currently held March-October annually. 

Interested in integrating yoga into your center, facility, or community program? Email to discuss options. 

Group classes for schools, non profits and small businesses:
Classes can be scheduled for groups of staff and/or clients of south end non-profits, schools, and small businesses. You provide the space – it doesn’t have to be large or perfect, the furniture just has to move so we can get some mats on the floor! Early morning and late afternoon scheduling available. Group size limited to 10 people, price varies depending on type of organization. Class design is adapted to fit the needs of the group. Perfect for teachers, health care workers, community organizers and all others who constantly give to others in our community.

Scheduling available in the the South Seattle/Renton areas April-September 2019.