The ‘Beauty’ of Trauma

The ‘Beauty’ of Trauma

Is there any beauty in trauma? Any silver lining, per se? Especially within the worst kinds of trauma – extensive sexual abuse. Is there any way that someone can heal from that kind of trauma? That they might not carry the PTSD it has caused into all of their other interactions in life? That they could ever use that trauma to create? To produce good? As a stimulus to find their gift to the world?

On many days I say the answer is ‘no’. No we cannot ask, assume, or expect that of the victims of such manipulative dark acts of abuse. And, it seems, to choose to see any positive – any lightness to this darkness- we are somehow not validating the pain, the injustice. Somehow we are making light of the complexities of these situations, the emotions, and the memories the victims carry with them everyday.

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